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The purpose of money-related research is to examine the measure of earnings she gets in business, the action of benefits she can retain for investors, after calculating all costs and charges and the development of industry and interests in the past. It can be done with a screener. The monetary examination also focuses on the sources of top stock research, which an organization used to make its advantages. Also, it includes investigating the measure of money you create from your tasks and using that money, regardless of undertakings or repayment of obligations, and so on, which will be good work for stock analysis and top stock research. The goal is to discover organizations with a stable monetary position that can offer future development opportunities.

Stock analysis steps

Balance (B / S), Income statement (P&L), and Statement of cash flow (CF).

Before I start to think that Stock analysis can contain much math and complicated calculations, I want to tell you that all Stock analysis consists of studying just two things:

Reasons and Growth rates

To further optimize things, users would be happy to take note of this. Currently, a day when a speculator does not need to see the monetary numbers in the organization’s annual report and enter the numbers into an information investigation schedule like Microsoft Excel ( exceed expectations). The speculator can use free top stock research on the Web, which can provide records of ready-made information containing monetary subtleties from organizations that the financial expert can use to exceed expectations to conduct a decent investigation. One of these free top stock research accessible to financial experts in the Indian value markets is Ticker Screener.

You can download the organization’s record of exceeding expectations of money-related information by clicking on this link.

When prepared with the information, it is easy to do a money-related investigation, which will be good work for stock analysis and top stock research. Screener, In any case, if a financial expert is not a stanza when using the information exam schedule as exceeds expectations, he can use the adding machines to discover the proportions and development rates. The result by both methods would be the equivalent. In any case, exceeding expectations would make the exam more comfortable to perform.

Growth offers:

Vinati Organics Ltd (VOL) is a pioneer in the world market in two of its items. Its items have aroused great interest and, in this sense, its business has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past:

in 2005, for INR 696 cr (6.96 billion), which implies an aggravated standard development rate (CAGR) of 34% in the last ten years. Financial experts should favor organizations that have developed at a rate of 15% or more in the past. It should be noted that extraordinarily high development rates of half or more have not been reasonable for a long time.


OPM measures the small amount of transaction payment that remains in deducting the delivery charges for those transactions, such as raw material costs, representative costs, transactions and display costs, energy and fuel costs, and so on. The labor benefit does not take into account costs such as deterioration of fixed resources, intrigue, and service costs. Besides, we exclude non-work / other payments while calculating work benefits.

The NPM reflects the net benefit that the remaining parties, after an organization pays its advantage, collects and calculates the devaluation. The net gain is the last that remains after all costs and is accessible to the organization to reinvest or circulate to investors as a profit.

The purpose of a speculator is to discover highly profitable organizations they had the option to support previously. Organizations with a high net income can face intense occasions with ease and still bring money to their investors.

Let’s detail the benefits of VOL. All figures are in INR Cr. (10 million). Some estimates can cause an inevitable crossover due to the adjustment.


Intriguing inclusion:

Intrigue coverage ratio = operating profit / interest expense

A financial expert should pay special attention to organizations that have an intriguing inclusion of at least 3. This deduces that they benefit from the work of at least INR 3, while their cost advantage is INR 1. A higher proportion of intrigues decreases during occasions of terrible monetary conditions, and the organization would not find it difficult to support its obligation in any case on terrible occasions.

Analysis Of Balance Sheet (B / S)

The D / E ratio measures the composition of the funds used by a company to buy its top stock research. The company uses its top stock research to produce goods and services that bring sales revenue to the company. D / E shows how much of the total funds employed by the company are owned (shareholders’ funds) and how much is borrowed from other creditors. D / E of 1 means that 50% of funds are brought in by shareholders, and the remaining 50% is borrowed from creditors.

I prefer companies that have very low debts. During bad times when the company may not be able to make good profits, the lender will ask for your money, and the company may have to sell its endangered top stock research to pay creditors. If the company cannot find buyers willing to pay enough money, it could go bankrupt. Therefore, investors should prefer companies with a low debt/equity ratio.

Current ratio (CR):

Current Ratio = Current Top stock research / Current Liabilities

Current top stock research (CA) are the top stock research consumed in the next year. They include inventory that is consumed and sold as a finished product within a year, cash and similar investments maintained by the company to meet daily needs and money owed to customers (accounts receivable or debtors) and loans granted to different parties that are expected to be received back within a year. Current liabilities (CL) include accounts payable in the next year and short-term provisions. CR of> 1 means that the company has a CA that exceeds CL and can settle its short-term liabilities for the money it would receive from current top stock research.

Analysis Of Cash Flow Demonstration (CF)

An investor should focus on companies that generate a fair amount of cash flow from operations that can meet their investment (CFI) and debt payment (CFF) needs. If an investor could find a company that generates so much money that, after taking care of CFI and CFF, it still has more surpluses, it would have won a jackpot.

Let’s look at VOL’s cash flow statement over time. Values ​​are in INR Cr. (10 million). Some calculations may show some incompatibility due to rounding. Positive values ​​mean cash inflows, and negative values ​​mean cash outflows.



Ticker is a tool (basically a screener) developed for
stock analysis and research. It in no way recommends the fair
value of the companies (since that is always subjective). Informed
decision making and taking only calculated risk is recommended
for you to make the most out of equity investing. Therefore, the
investors are hereby advised to use Ticker only as a stock market
research tool and apply their discretion while investing.

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